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Level ***** | Success Rate 41% | Record 39:55

The State needs to know everything about anyone and demands total obedience, and it is for this purpose that THE DOME has been created.

Around 15% of citizens are still disobedient – and these so called Analog Citizens will be found. THE DOME will deprogram them by Controlled Molecular Neuro Transmission (CMNT). After the treatment they voluntarily insert chipimplant Lolo5, allow camera surveillance in their residences and subscribe to the obligatory social media platforms. The CMNT treatments are almost perfect, but not 100%. That’s why you will participate in this research.

With a group of 4 to 6 test objects you’ll be exposed by several tests for a maximum of 60 minutes. These tests are completely harmless. THE DOME will do everything in its power to prevent you being exposed to the CMNT chemicals.

Dr. Hung and her crew are looking forward to your stay. Your contribution to this research is of immeasurable value.


Voted #1 worldwide on with a 9.75 rating! (december 2018)
  • €165 mo/tue/wed/thu
  • €175 fri/sat/sun
  • 4-6 persons
  • minimum age 18
  • max. 60 minutes
  • rewatch your escape!
  • escape room 3.0

All rooms have an emergency button. You can immediately leave the room through several emergency exits after pressing this button.