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Level ***** | Success Rate 41% | Record 38:52

For an investigation, you and your team participate in a dozen tests at THE DOME Research Facilities.

The life-threatening criminal cyborg Hector at the same time undergoes the first CMNT treatment on a cyborg ever. .

Hector does not appear to be sensitive to the treatment and thus manages to hack THE DOME system during one of the tests with his internal computer. His henchmen, at the same time on the other side of the world, disable the head of security of THE DOME, Thommas Wigg. .

Because of this, there is nothing that can stop Hector from breaking out. With the result; the escape of an extremely high dose of sodium cyclamate in the research area. You and your team will be stunned by this substance and end up in a heavy hallucination from that moment on.

Do you and your team manage to let go of all logic after Hectors escape and go along with the flow of your hallucination? Or do you get caught up in the illusion that under the influence of sodium Cyclamate you still have some idea of what is reality...


Voted #1 worldwide on with a 9.75 rating! (december 2018)
  • €155 mo/tue/wed/thu
  • €165 fri/sat/sun
  • 4-6 persons
  • minimum age 18
  • max. 60 minutes
  • rewatch your escape!
  • escape room 3.0

All rooms have an emergency button. You can immediately leave the room through several emergency exits after pressing this button.